Quality is the trinity of thoughtful design, solid materials, and enduring pride.  We use reclaimed wood, never particle, press, or glue board. 

Hand  rubbed with an odor free Non-Toxic environmentally safe finish.
No Stains,
No V.O.C.s (volatile organic compounds),
No Carcinogens,
No Heavy Metals,
No Petroleum Distillates or Derivatives.

All pieces are unique designs conceived and hand built by master builders of Northern California.

A young carpenter left the midwest four decades ago.  After meeting his wife in San Francisco he moved to Hawaii to start his family and forged his first designs.  He moved to Alaska then finally residing in Northern California. He now finds himself nestled between the Sierra and Costal mountain ranges.  As an avid outdoorsman he derives abundant inspiration from his beautiful surroundings. 

David Baker is a master craftsman with over 35 years of wood working experience. He works with his four children to create functional and artistic works.